I am committed to providing respectful, dignified, and meaningful therapy services to individuals with a variety of presenting concerns. In more recent years I have developed a special interest in working with women who are exploring the ways that gender impacts their psychological experience; many of my patients are women working in traditionally male-dominated professions, have recently experienced a major life change like marriage, separation, or having a child, or experience challenges in reaching their goals that seem related to prejudice or environmental factors. Often, my clients come to therapy because of chronic stress or anxiety, depression, role or identify concerns, feelings of stagnation or isolation, interpersonal problems, a trauma or significant life event, or a sense of general "dis-ease" that causes distress or barriers to achieving balance. Although I offer both brief and long-term psychotherapy services, the style of therapy I provide is more insight and depth-oriented, meaning that we are exploring foundational causes of distress rather than seeking "quick-fixes" for surface symptoms. 

In addition to therapy services I offer quality psychological assessments. My clients are individuals, adults, children and adolescents, who have questions about challenges in learning and hope to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses as they aim for success in school and work. I also offer psychological testing to help clarify a diagnosis to support appropriate interventions and greater self-awareness. Psychological or psychoeducational testing can often feel like intimidating processes, and my goal is to provide a warm and respectful testing environment and reduce test-related stress. 

Please explore this website to better understand the types of therapy and assessment that I provide, and I invite you to send an email or schedule a phone consultation to discuss any questions that you may have. I am currently scheduling new clients for testing services, but I am not accepting new clients for therapy at this time.